Web Wednesday GZ 在六月份又再卷土重来了!


Web Wednesday GZ 在六月份又再卷土重来了!

吴晓丹,广州顺科软件服务有限公司首席执行官,会 为我们做一个时下最火热的电子产品:iPad的演讲!

苹果公司的iPad为平板电脑人机交互设计树立标杆,继而开创了 一种区别于智能手机、上网本和Tablet PC的新型便携式计算设备。苹果到底做了哪些努力,使计算设备更融入我们的生活?本次演 讲以2010年苹果全球开发者大会第103节研讨会的讲稿为蓝本,为大家介绍iPad的闪亮之处,以及苹果带来的人机交互设计思想。


演讲之后,我们更加会捐出iPhone的美女时钟软件:MMClock的5个优惠码。演讲之后,我们会抽出5位幸运儿!记得6月 30日来参加我们的活动啦!

Web Wednesday GZ is back in June!

Phillip Wu, CEO of inforThinker, will bring us a speech about the hottest consumer electronics product: iPad!

iPad defines a new type of mobile computing devices, which has differentiate itself from smartphones, netbooks and Tablet PCs. Apple also set a very high standard in UI design for the whole industry. What kind of efforts Apple has been made to bring the computers much closer to our daily lives? The speaker has prepared the slides based on what he has learned from WWDC 2010 Session 103, and will tell the UI design principles behind the brilliance of iPad.

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And for more, we will donate 5 promo codes of a Beauty Clock iPhone app: MMClock! We draw a lottery after the speech. Remember to join us on 30th, June!